July 28, 2017

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Current Promotions

Check out the promotions below to see what will fit best with your operation!

Buy 2 Cattle Protein or Mineral Tubs & Receive a $10 Rebate

Rebate applies for every 2 tubs purchased from October 12 thru December 31, 2016.

Must purchase the same tub in quantities of 2 per purchase to qualify.

Tubs may be purchased from any of our locations (availability may vary).

Customer must have an account with Ag Partners or WWN to participate.

Rebates will be awarded in January 2017.

With questions regarding product information or this program,

please contact one of our Beef Specialists

Carl Sackreiter    (507) 421-4942   carls@agpartners.net

LeeAnn Waugh   (507) 298-0820   leeannw@agpartners.net

SiloStop Bale Wrap Film

Now available: SiloStop Bale Wrap Film – an oxygen barrier wrap film!  Curious for more? Click here to see the information that SiloStop provides on providing nearly 100 times the oxygen barrier ability over other leading conventional bale wrap brands: SiloStop US Bale Wrap Film

Ag Partners now carries HealthiStraw (trademarked)!

“Dust-free HealthiStraw animal bedding is created from 100% premium wheat straw, sourced throughout the Canadian prairies. Available in highly absorbent 1/4″ to 3/4″ fine shred or insulating 1″ to 3″ coarse shred to suit your animals’ needs”

Check out your Ag Partners feed store to see if HealthiStraw could be a fit on your operation.  We currently carry the more finely shredded product.  For more information, please check out:  http://www.healthistraw.com/