climate corporationAg Partners is proud to announce that we are a dealer for Climate Corporation products!  Beginning in Spring 2015, we have the ability to see weather and nitrogen status on our fields like never before!  Current offerings from Climate Corp are Climate Basic and Climate Pro.

Here is a quick run down of what these tool are, and how they will help you and your farm make decisions.
  • Climate Basic is a weather tracking and monitoring tool for up to date, field specific information.  It can tell you estimated soil moisture, track GDU’s on your planted crop, and give you real time rainfall updates field by field.  Best of all, Climate Basic is a free service!  We encourage everyone to give it a try!
  • Climate Pro is a paid subscription to two very key pieces of information about your field.
    • Nitrogen Adviser – The Climate corporation uses information you provide about things like nitrogen rate, soil organic matter, and application timing to build you a model of what your nitrogen status is in your field.  Through out the growing season, this model will update based on weather in that field to tell you possible nitrogen shortfalls.  What this means, is we now have a tool to help us decide when, where, and how much nitrogen to side dress.nitrogen graph
    • Field Health Adviser – This tool uses satellite imagery (at least 4 pictures per year) of your field to identify areas of the field that are performing well and vice versa.  You will receive a map of your field, colored to highlight differences between vegetative growth within the field.  You can use these maps to target your field scouting, make better yield estimates come late summer, and help you make future decisions on that field.field health

To learn more, please contact your Ag Partners Agronomist or visit