Ag Partners recently held a banquet for this years Big Bushel yield contest at Treasure Island Casino.  All participating producers were invited to an evening of good food, conversation, and recreational blackjack. The winners this year are as follows:

1st Place: Grobe Farms, DeKalb 53-56, 274.1 Bu./Ac.
2nd Place: Tipcke Farms, DeKalb 54-38, 270.5 Bu./Ac.
3rd Place: Bluff Ridge, DeKalb 53-56, 265.9 Bu./Ac.
4th Place: Steve Carlson, DeKalb 53-56, 265.0 Bu./Ac.
5th Place: Jeff Hofschulte, DeKalb 53-56, 264.0 Bu./Ac.


Yields are taken from continuous 1/2 acre parcles and verified with weigh wagon weights.  It is our hope that producers would use this competition as a reason to try new production methods in growing better corn. The Big Bushel contest is open to anyone who purchases 25% or more of their corn seed from Ag Partners. Thank you to all who participated in making it a success again!