Corn Planting 5-15-16Corn Emergence 5-15-16Soybean Planting 5-15-16Soybean Emergence 5-15-16

Weekly crop progress shows producers continue to put the crops in ahead of the 5-year average but behind last year’s pace.

Corn planting is 75% complete nationally compared to 82% last year and 70% on average.  Eastern cornbelt states of Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan are furthest behind.

Corn emerged is 43% vs. 48% last year and 34% on average.

Soybean planting is 36% complete vs. 41% last year and 32% on average. Soybean emergence is at 10% vs. 11% last year and 9% on average.

Minnesota soybean emergence is also at 9%.  Probably a good thing it isn’t any further along considering the freezing weather over the past weekend.


Conditions    (Good + Excellent)
Winter Wheat Conditions G/E: 62% TW vs. 62% LW, 45% LY
Crop Progress Summary
Corn Planted 75% TW vs. 64% LW, 82% LY, 70% AVG
Corn Emerged 43% TW vs. 27% LW, 48% LY, 34% AVG
Soybean Planted 36% TW vs. 23% LW, 41% LY, 32% AVG
Milo Planted 33% TW vs. 30% LW, 36% LY, 36% AVG
Winter Wheat Headed 68% TW vs. 57% LW, 65% LY, 56% AVG
Spring Wheat Planted 89% TW vs. 77% LW, 92% LY, 64% AVG
Spring Wheat Emerged 60% TW vs. 39% LW, 63% LY, 36% AVG


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