Corn Emerged 6.12.16Corn Conditions 6.12.16Soybean Planting 6.12.16Soybean Conditions 6.12.16

While it is early in the growing season, crop condition scores have been very favorable.  This week, soybean conditions improved to 74% good-excellent vs. 72% last week and 67% last year.  Corn conditions were steady this week at 75% good-excellent vs. 73% last year.  One could argue with such good ratings, it would be easier for scores to go down rather than up.

Crop progress has also been better than average.  Corn emerged is 96% vs. 95% last year and 94% on average.  Soybean planting is 92% complete vs. 85% last year and 87% on average.

Prices traded higher overnight as the weather forecasts show high heat moving into much of the country in the extended outlooks.

Conditions    (Good + Excellent)
Corn Conditions G/E: 75% TW vs. 75% LW, 73% LY
Soybean Conditions G/E: 74% TW vs. 72% LW, 67% LY
Milo Conditions G/E: 71% TW vs. (NA)% LW, 67% LY
Winter Wheat Conditions G/E: 61% TW vs. 62% LW, 43% LY
Spring Wheat Conditions G/E: 79% TW vs. 79% LW, 70% LY
Crop Progress Summary
Corn Emerged 96% TW vs. 90% LW, 95% LY, 94% AVG
Soybean Planted 92% TW vs. 83% LW, 85% LY, 87% AVG
Soybean Emerged 79% TW vs. 65% LW, 72% LY, 72% AVG
Milo Planted 76% TW vs. 58% LW, 67% LY, 75% AVG
Milo Headed 14% TW vs. (NA)% LW, 9% LY, 16% AVG
Winter Wheat Headed 96% TW vs. 91% LW, 95% LY, 89% AVG
Winter Wheat Harvested 11% TW vs. 2% LW, 9% LY, 18% AVG


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