Corn Conditions 6.19.16Soybean Conditions 6.19.16

In what may have been a surprise to some, corn conditions held steady this week while soybean condition scores dropped slightly.

In its weekly crop condition report, NASS reported national corn condition scores steady vs. last week at 75% good-excellent vs. last year at 71%.  Some in the market were expecting to see a 1-2% decline.

Soybean condition scores dipped to 73% good-excellent vs. 74% last week and 65% last year.

Prices were under pressure today as the weather forecast is favorable with more chances for precipitation.

Conditions    (Good + Excellent)
Corn Conditions G/E: 75% TW vs. 75% LW, 71% LY
Soybean Conditions G/E: 73% TW vs. 74% LW, 65% LY
Milo Conditions G/E: 70% TW vs. 71% LW, 68% LY
Winter Wheat Conditions G/E: 61% TW vs. 61% LW, 41% LY
Spring Wheat Conditions G/E: 76% TW vs. 79% LW, 71% LY
Crop Progress Summary
Soybean Planted 96% TW vs. 92% LW, 89% LY, 93% AVG
Soybean Emerged 89% TW vs. 79% LW, 81% LY, 84% AVG
Milo Planted 88% TW vs. 76% LW, 81% LY, 86% AVG
Milo Headed 17% TW vs. 14% LW, 16% LY, 20% AVG
Winter Wheat Harvested 25% TW vs. 11% LW, 17% LY, 28% AVG
Spring Wheat Headed 28% TW vs. (NA)% LW, 19% LY, 14% AVG


Read the complete NASS report here

Graphics courtesy of Advance Trading Inc.