Chad Nelson Agronomist Pine Island

by Chad Nelson

Things are starting to look like fall.  The leaves are turning.  Corn is black layering.  Beans are ripening and combines are rolling.  With the combines starting up the moods are changing.  It has been a frustrating year for producers with the costs of production and low crop prices.  However, now I see them excited and thinking about next year.

Excited with the fact that all your hard work will be hitting a bin or one of our scales.  You get to drive a piece of equipment that has been sitting for 10 months.  You will be able to see what worked and what did not.  While in the combine, if you see something good or bad write it down or let us know.  If it is a disease, weed pressure or even high yield we will come and check it out.  That is all good information for us and for you to plan for next year.  It will help us with placement of seed variety and traits.  Do we need less or more fertilizer?  Do we need higher or lower populations?  Any information is helpful.

Thinking about next year, plan for fall grid sampling.  Again, to give us information for spreading.  We have competitive pricing of fall fertilizer and we are ready to deliver.  Now is a good time to fill up your liquid starter tanks.  Plan for seed hybrids while in your fields.  You can see good and bad from the cab and with your notes make good decisions for next year.

Everyone have a safe fall.