Jackie Welter

Jackie Welter

In a recent National Hog Farmer article, Ohio pig farmers shared how they opened their barn doors to the consuming public through the world of technology.  This is something all sectors of the agriculture industry could consider because it’s safe, cheap education for the consumer that comes straight from the farmer!

A few highlights from the article:

“A closed barn door to a consumer means a pig farmer is hiding something. Little does the public know, the strict biosecurity that prevents them from wandering through the barn keeps pigs safe. Still, this didn’t stop Ohio pig farmers Tom Graham, Rebecca Suber and Neil Rhonemus from opening their barn doors to the public.”  

“Virtual tours provide a great opportunity for students and consumers to see inside a modern pig barn, without leaving their homes or classrooms,” says Emily Bir, OPC communication director. “During the live tour, viewers are invited to interact by asking the farmer any questions throughout the session. This not only gives us an opportunity to share modern pig farming practices, but allows people otherwise estranged from farming to learn more about agriculture and how their food is raised.”

“Essentially, it doesn’t take much to host a virtual field trip. All that is needed is a smartphone or tablet, wi-fi or data connection, and a pig farmer’s warm smile.”

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