Chad Swanepoel

In this episode of “Growing Solutions with Chad”, Agronomist Chad Swanepoel discusses crop damage caused by recent tornadoes and wind storms throughout the Ag Partners trade area.  In addition to damage to structures, there has been widespread crop damage ranging from lodged and down corn to debris in the fields.  These issues will add stress to harvest.  Poor stalk quality makes the corn crop vulnerable to more wind damage.

Chad also talks about the response they have seen in the fields from fungicide applications.  While soybean yields have been showing a favorable response, the results in corn fields have been dramatic.  Not only have yields been much higher but stalk quality is also greatly improved which will allow more of those high yields to be realized by being able to stand long enough to be harvested.

Chad wraps up with a discussion of managing alfalfa fields that will be tilled this fall or next spring.  By using Roundup now to kill the alfalfa, the alfalfa can harvested in 72 hours and then the fields will be much cleaner after they are tilled.

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