Chad Nelson Agronomist Pine Island

By Chad Nelson

This has been a challenging year with our weather.  This spring we had a lot of rain when we wanted to put our crops in.  There was an extended dry period late summer.  Now we have had rain and strong storms when we want to take our crops out.  Some areas have even had to deal with the 4-letter word (snow) slowing us up.  Harvest is here and long hours are coming.  We want to say thinking first is always a good thing.  Agriculture is one of the most hazardous occupations.  Please be safe.

Even with the slow harvest pace, we have been doing combine monitor calibrations.  There are a lot of plots out there.  Harvesting the plots, recording the data, and analyzing the results is a very enjoyable part of our job.  Whether with a weigh wagon or combine monitors.  Call us and we will be right there to ride along or weigh the side by side.

Early data has shown some impressive results with fungicide response and hybrid selection.  One side by side I did had proof of everything that we have been saying.  DK47-47 was 10 bushels better with fungicide and DK46-36 was only 3 bushels better.  This tells us hybrid selection and crop rotation are major factors in deciding where we spend our extra dollars.  Also, use this data for seed selection this fall and placement planning for next year.  Taking notes now helps the decision-making process this winter.  Let us help you with your spring plans and hybrid selection!