Harvest Update

We have seen the power of what Mother Nature can throw at Minnesota the past 10 days.  Clouds to sun, rain to snow, and 70 degrees to 30 degrees.  Air temperatures were on average 12 degrees below normal and soil temperatures have officially dipped below 50 degrees and hanging out below that level.

Cooler but much needed drier weather has finally made an appearance in Southern Minnesota.  Corn moistures dropped 3% this week and with the sun finally making its debut, soybean moistures are continuing to drop and the crop is actively being harvested.

Seed Spotlight of the Week
This week’s corn spotlight is on 2 of DeKalb’s most consistent and stable hybrids- hybrids that should be a part of everyone’s 2019 seed portfolios.

We have chosen a new 2.0 soybean from NK to spotlight this week that is proving to shine across multiple environments and conditions.