Whether it’s unsold bushels in the bin right now that need to be priced or the crop you expect to grow in 2019 or 2020, ProPricing is a proven way to diversify your marketing plan, ensure a disciplined approach to selling grain, and benefit from the global insights of Cargill.


For those of you that struggle with making a decision on timing of forward marketing or holding on to the crop too long from your emotions, we want you to consider allowing Cargill ProPricing to market some of your grain for you.  They have been offering their program for over 18 years now and offer a very consistent and  disciplined approach to forward grain marketing.    It allows you to diversify your marketing and gives you access to the professionals while allowing you to benchmark your marketing against someone else.

As a ProPricing customer, you will always have access to the critical information you need to market grain with confidence. ProPricing contracts provide:

  • Cargill’s global knowledge and expertise
  • Bi-weekly  updates by email.


Signup period deadline is December 19th.


Cargill Pros allows the Pros to make the marketing decisions for you on a portion of your crop.

Corn choices are July 19, Sep 19, Dec 19, July 20, or Dec 20 futures.

Soybean choices are July 19, Nov 19, July 20, or Nov 20 futures.  Old crop fees (July 2019) are 4 cents, while new crop fees are 9 cents.

Call us today to sign up or you can check out for more information on ProPricing.