by Leon Gregor  Leon.Gregor@agpartners.net

With the record amounts of snowfall in February, it might seem like spring will never get here.  It will indeed arrive, and the bigger question is:  will you be prepared when it finally does?

Besides having things like your seed, fertilizer, crop protection plans and financing in order, there is the machinery that needs to be ready.  With all the plans that need to be put in place, I’ve found there are a few things that often get overlooked.

First, is your Restricted Use license up to date for purchases of products you need to purchase?  Remember, Engenia, Fexapan, and XtendiMax are Restricted Use Pesticides.  As Dicamba soybeans become more popular, you will need a Restricted Use license to purchase any of these products.

Second, if you are planning on applying any of these products on Dicamba soybeans, you must attend a yearly Dicamba Training Session.  Even if you attended a training session in 2018, you will need to attend a training session in 2019.  Here is a link to a list of training sessions where you can register to attend.

Third, if you use NH3 and plan to pull your own nurse tanks, remember that your pickup needs to have a DOT inspection and window sticker good for 2019.

Fourth, if you have your own NH3 applicator, please make sure equipment is in compliance with breakaway couplers installed and working properly.  The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is holding a several free NH3 workshops which are available to anyone who uses NH3.  Here is a link to the full schedule and more information.  The first workshop is coming up on March 19, 2019 at the Dodge Center Community Center which runs from 9:00 am to Noon.  The workshop will cover NH3 safety, incidents, incident reporting, and hands on NH3 equipment inspection items.  Space is limited so please preregister online by email to Adreanne.Johnson@state.mn.us

Thank you for your past business and support.  We are looking forward to servicing your needs when spring does get here!