Dear Customers,

Ag Partners is working constantly to meet your needs today and in the future as the world deals with the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  We are committed to your operation and are taking steps to assure service will continue and will help keep our customers and employees safe.

We are following guidelines from state and federal officials as well as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and will continue to change as needed.  The main goal of limiting the spread of the disease is achieved by limiting exposure.  There are several changes we have enacted to help accomplish this:

  • Non-employees are restricted from most buildings.  Please communicate with your Ag Partners representative by phone or electronically.  Plan ahead for feed needs by placing your order in advance and we will have it ready and load it for you while you wait in your vehicle.
  • We have cancelled in person meetings and are restricting travel.  We will use technology to accomplish communication with employees and customers.
  • On-farm visits will be done by appointment only for tasks that cannot be accomplished over the phone and employees have been instructed to limit exposure to farm personnel.
  • All offices will continue to be staffed but employees that are able to work from home will be encouraged to do so.

Our mission is to continue to serve our customers’ needs on a daily basis.  Please contact your Ag Partners representative with any questions or concerns you may have.