2020 has brought great soil conditions which has resulted in rapid corn and soybean planting progress.  However, later this week we will also see some unseasonably cold temperatures bringing a possible freeze event.

Click here for information regarding cold temperature crop injury from DEKALB/Asgrow 


  • Growing point is below ground until about V6
  • Damaging temperatures (28-32˚F) may result in damage to corn leaves but does not necessarily injure the corn’s growing point.
    • Yield loss not likely to occur
  • Lethal temperatures (colder than 28˚F for a few hours) will require us to examine the growing point and new growth after 3-5 days due to the risk of death from cold temps.
    • Planting depth and soil type may influence the amount damage from the cold


  • Growing point is above ground so we have more risk.
  • Soybeans in the VE to VC stage can tolerate colder temperatures (29-30˚F), but trifoliates are susceptible to temperatures below 32˚F.
    • Lethal temperatures are considered to be colder than 28 ˚F for a few hours
    • Complete death of buds, stems, etc. is not expected until temperatures remain at 28 °F for an extended period of time for sensitive plants.
  • Frost or freeze damage extending below the cotyledons translates to complete death of the seedling.

Click here for pictures of crop injury from Purdue University

You can also click on the links below for printable Spotlights for both corn and soybeans

Cold Temperatures can Damage Small Corn – DEKALB

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Please consult your agronomist with any questions or concerns