Push Yield and Protect Your Investment

Maximizing Yield and Profit Potential with R3 Fungicide when we need it most.

Corn is tasseling, soybeans are flowering and continuing to stretch, and it seems we are off to a pretty good start here in southern Minnesota with an excellent looking crop. Soybeans are beginning to canopy or have been canopied, which is amazing considering this time last year we were still trying to apply second pass herbicides on much later planted soybeans. This year, most soybeans were planted by early May and that has left us with ample opportunity to see some great yield potential going into fall.

That being said, soybeans are beginning to reach the R3 stage and will continue to move back and forth as more flowers appear on the upper nodes. This is a critical point in yield development where a soybean plant cannot afford to have a bad day. Each day they must capture photosynthesis from each trifoliate to feed each flowering node to produce pods. One way to protect those trifoliates is with an R3 fungicide application with Miravis Neo. Miravis Neo is a fungicide that contains 3 powerful active ingredients that gives you curative and protective functions alongside great broad-spectrum disease control. Not only does it protect against several diseases, it provides excellent plant-health benefits to keep soybean plants healthy longer and continue filling pods and packing yield.

With soybeans canopied and moisture events expected to continue alongside increased humidity, we can expect to see increased disease prevalence as well. As seen below, we have seen some great ROI’s especially with Miravis Neo and its 3 different modes of action and high active ingredient.

While making your fungicide application during the R2-R4 reproductive stages, be on the lookout for any yield-robbing soybean pests such as soybean aphids or Japanese beetles. Using Endigo ZC insecticide will give you 2 modes of action for quick knockdown and extended residual.

Talk to your Ag Partners agronomist about using Miravis Neo and Endigo on your soybeans today!