We are looking for photos for the 2021 Ag Partners calendar!  Photos may showcase your family, farm and animals.  We are fortunate to have many talented photographers that represent our entire service area.

To help make the calendar as high quality as possible, our publisher has provided some suggestions to pass along to you, our photographers:

  1. Most digital cameras are set to hold as many photographs as possible.  In doing so, the picture quality is somewhat compromised.  It is recommended that you set your camera to its highest quality setting.  For the calendar, we enlarge photos up to 8 by 10 inches and the pixels often become more evident as the photo is enlarged, causing the picture to lose clarity.
  2. Lighting is also crucial.  It is recommended to use the maximum amount of natural light as possible.  Pictures taken on a bright, cloudy day, or on a sunny day away from direct sunlight will have the best results.
  3. If you are using a photo program that came on your computer, be cautious when altering photo settings.  When enlarged, they can become very grainy and cannot be used as a larger photo in the calendar.
  4. Please save your photos to a flash drive or CD, email them to Calendar@agpartners.net or submit them to the link below. Please identify the photographer with a first name, last name, city and state when submitting them.  If you submit them by email, please be sure to use the original size and quality.

You may email them to Calendar@agpartners.net, submit them online here or mail them to or drop them off at any of our locations.

Please submit your photos by August 31, 2020 for consideration in the 2021 calendar selection.