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This week’s featured agronomists are:


Jake Heitshusen- Le Sueur
Joe Dee – Morristown
Tyrell Treptow – Goodhue

Kenny Loftus- Lewiston
Luke Daninger- Ellsworth

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Belle Plaine – LeCenter – LeSueur

Jake Heitshusen

Fall is finally here! So far, we have had a few early beans taken out and a little corn taken here and there.  Early reports are that corn yields seem to be as good as anticipated, but moisture is still high. Beans farther to the west near Gaylord seem to be drying down quicker, but we could use a rain to even things out as there are still some soft beans intermixed yet.


Here at the plant in Le Sueur we are busy finishing calibrating airflows for fall and setting up our custom anhydrous rigs. Make sure to meet with your local agronomist and get your fall fertilizer plan taken care of before everyone gets too busy with harvest. We should have ample time to get some work done this fall. Finally, I want to wish everyone a safe harvest season this fall!

Wanamingo – Kenyon – Morristown – Owatonna

Join Joe Dee, Morristown Agronomist, to hear a brief agronomic update. 
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Kenny Loftus

What an exciting time of year.  Harvest is amongst us and we get to receive our report card for the year.  Corn silage is nearing the end with some growers starting earlage. On the grain side there are some growers starting to harvest soybeans. Some of the initial yields sound exciting.  To keep the excitement and momentum going, it is very important to take the time during harvest to make sure the data we are collecting is good, quality data.  It is important to perform a yield calibration.  At minimum once per year, per crop.

If you start harvesting a different variety and the moisture and/or yield is drastically different, I would recommend performing another calibration.  Also, if you would like us to come out and help you with a weigh check please give us a call and we would be happy to assist.  I believe with rainfall amounts being highly variable through out the territory, this will be a big factor in making sure we are collecting good data.  The importance of this data and what we can do with it is huge, compared to say 10 years ago.  At the end of harvest we look forward to sitting down with you to go over your 2020 crop year, and with quality data collection that process is much smoother.

Remember, good data in = good data out.  Have a safe harvest!

Pine Island – Cannon Falls -Goodhue -Lake City

Tyrell Treptow Agronomist Goodhue

Tyrell Treptow


With the (fingers crossed!) earlier harvest season upon us this year, let us not forget what happened last fall, or did not happen to be more precise! We dealt with:

  • WET
  • COLD

Strategies for Reducing Soil Compaction

Avoid Driving in Wet Soils

  • Be Patient – I know….It’s easy for me to say!

Increase Soil Organic Matter

  • Rotation
  • Cover crops?
  • Leave some residue in the fields
  • Manure?

Perform Tillage in Problem Areas

  • They might finally be dry enough!
  • Help with water infiltration
  • Promote root penetration
  • Help soil aeration

Rotate Tillage Options

  • Modify Aggressiveness
  • Change Depth


Luke Daninger

What a beautiful start to Fall!  Corn silage is wrapping up throughout the area and reported yields were good.  The range I heard was 25-33 tons/ac.  High moisture and snaplage will begin the end of the week through a lot of the area.  Make sure to take the opportunity to rip out the compaction on some high traffic fields from the wet falls we had the past few years.  This is definitely the fall to do it.

Soybeans are starting in a few spots and initial yield reports are good (60+ bu). Be sure to account for higher yields than normal when spreading fall fertilizer. Also, make sure to work with your agronomist to update any out-of-date grid samples.  This fall looks to be a great opportunity to catch up on liming and fertility as well.