Fly season is upon us and for full feed through prevention, ClariFly ® should be fed 30 days prior to seeing flies to reduce fly numbers for the summer.  ClariFly ® is a feed through ingredient that hinders the development of the wings of house, stable, face, and horn flies, thus reducing the population on farm.  At roughly $0.01/calf/day, ClariFly ® is an essential piece of a good fly-control program.

ClariFly ® will be in the majority of our milk replacers for the year, but to get adequate feed through in calves consuming starter grain, it should be included in all calf grains as well.

In starters, ClariFly ® adds roughly $5/ton, and growers, roughly $2.50/ton.  Floor stocked feeds and milk replacers will be containing ClariFly ® shortly.

If you feed whole milk, please contact your calf nutritionists Rebekah Mathews ( or Christyn Tipcke ( if you need the ClariFly ® add pack to mix into your milk for full coverage.

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