Although we may not want to think about flies, it’s important to remember fly control in whole milk must start now. The feed-through additive ClariFly® is available and ready to go into your pasteurized milk. Fed in combination with ClariFly® in Ag Partners’ calf feeds and growers, this will help ensure even control of developing flies in calf manure. ClariFly® must be fed a month prior to flies hatching (mid to late March), and one month past the last hard frost.


Please let myself or your nutritionist know if you need a custom chart for including ClariFly® twice or three times a day in your whole milk. For best coverage, target 150 pounds of body weight for preweaned calves.


The best fly control I experience on farms is prevention vs combatting adult flies. ClariFly® is an integral part of prevention along with:

  • Frequent manure and bedding removal from calf facilities (ranging every 2-4 weeks)
  • Appropriate pourons used every 2-3 weeks on calves
  • Maintaining air speeds at faster rates in indoor facilities during the summer
  • Keeping grass short around hutches and barns to discourage flies from staying close and lying eggs

Let’s get started on feeding ClariFly® now – let me know if you need help getting it to your farm.


Rebekah Mathews, M.S.

Calf & Heifer Nutrition Specialist