We appreciate every moment these folks spend training for these types of situations. A HUGE THANK YOU – and beyond- to the fire departments, EMS workers, and volunteers for what they do for us as a company as well as a community.

On August 17 Ag Partners Elgin Grain facility hosted the Plainview and Elgin Fire Departments and the Elgin Ambulance EMTs to participate in grain bin rescue training. The bottom ring on the empty bin was due to be replaced so we allowed the departments to use their equipment to practice cutting holes in the steel. They found that the Milwaukee M18 metal circular saw worked better than the gas powered saw. Both departments then practiced retrieval methods using the back board and rope rigging.

On August 29 Stewartville Ag Partners hosted the Stewartville Fire Department to participate in grain engulfment training. The department toured the Feed, Agronomy, and Grain areas then practiced an engulfment rescue. A grain trailer was filled half way with corn and a fire department volunteer was sunk down to their waist. The department then worked together to extract them using the grain rescue tube.

Most recently, on September 8 Pine Island Ag Partners hosted the Pine Island Fire Department for a tour and grain bin rescue training. The tour included the feed mill, grain and agronomy facilities, and LP & fuel storage, given by Brian and Zach. After the tour the firefighters trained on confined space rescues by using an empty grain bin. They also trained in deploying their ladder truck in different areas around the facility to learn what could be reached using the ladder in case of various emergencies.

These training opportunities are for the benefit of the Fire Departments and anyone who works with grain bins. Fire Departments should never have to use these rescue skills if the people working with grain bins follow Confined Space Entry Procedures including Lockout/Tagout. Have a safe harvest season!