Welcome to the February Safety Rewards Quiz!

The quiz will be available until March 7th.  One completed quiz entry will be randomly drawn to receive a $50 Menard’s gift card.  Only 100% correct quiz results will be eligible for the prize drawing so please try again until you have 100% correct.

This month’s safety rewards topic is the Ag Partners Vehicle Safety Program.  Safe driving practices are important to everyone on the road whether you are driving a company vehicle or in your own personal vehicle.  Your life and the lives of others depend on it!

Please review the Ag Partners Vehicle Safety Program below and fill out the quiz.

Ag Partners strives for the highest safety standards for its employees.

Our objective is to maintain a safety record that is among the best in the industry.  This is measured by having a driving record that is free of “at-fault” accidents and citations.

Ag Partners Vehicle Safety Program has been implemented to promote safe driving and reduce the frequency and severity of collisions within our vehicle operations.

Each employee has a personal responsibility for following all vehicle safety laws, maintaining vehicles in good condition, completing pre-trip inspections daily, and always using a seatbelt.

The use of handheld wireless communications devices is prohibited while driving any vehicle.

Always use your seatbelt regardless of the distance you are traveling.  Seatbelt use is MANDATORY while driving any company vehicle.

Employees that do not meet the criteria as an acceptable driver are not eligible to drive for Ag Partners.