From unpredictable weather to costly diseases, each season presents different challenges that can hurt your bottom line. To help boost your ROI potential, Miravis® Neo fungicide delivers more bushels more often through superior disease control and better plant health. A three-way mix of azoxystrobin, propiconazole and Adepidyn® technology, Miravis Neo provides broader disease control for a cleaner, greener crop you can see.

Picured above is an aerial photo of a soybean field where there was a 120′ pass left without Miravis Neo.

Miravis Neo’s targeted application window is V12-R3 corn and R3 soybeans. Among the diseases that Miravis Neo controls is Anthracnose, Eye Spot, Northern Corn Leaf Blight, Physoderma, Common Rust, and Tar Spot.

On average, AYS data shows a 10.1 bushel yield advantage on corn and 2.7 bushel response on soybeans. AYS yield response by year is shown below. Click graph to enlarge.

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