Advanced Yield Systems (AYS) is the Ag Partners brand of precision agronomy.

The AYS program is designed to help you be more calculated with your decisions on agronomic practices.  Being more specific with your management is important to reach the full potential of each acre.  The term of “getting the most from every acre” is used quite often these days in very vague terms.  AYS has turned this term into real data and information you can use on your farm.  It is a simple, yet thorough process to deem what is working on each acre and how to improve your profitability.  Through AYS, you will see your fields like you never have before.


Premier Crop Mangement zones

Management zone examples.

What does AYS deliver

  • Yield Correlation Analysis
  • Management Zone Creation
  • Seed Varietal Analysis
  • In-Depth Fertility to Yield Correlation
  • Variable Rate Fertilizer Prescriptions
  • Variable Rate Seeding Prescriptions
  • Ability to design and implement your own test plots
  • Learning Blocks
  • Yield Map Printing

AYS is available to all producers who have grid soil samples and precision yield mapping. Our specialists are trained to help get you set up.

AYS Brochure

See our Staff page to find a specialist near you.