Ag Partners offers premium refined fuel and lubricant products for farm, commercial and residential use.

The energy department is headquartered in Goodhue, MN with storage sites around the region to serve Southern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

All Your Energy Needs, One Simple Phone Number! 651-923-6004



  • Premium diesel fuels
  • Gasoline
  • Heating oil
  • Kerosene
  • Cenex® Lubricants
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid
  • Anti-Freeze


  • Tank installation and maintenance
  • Remote monitoring
  • Energy delivery


  • Home heating – We will work with you to develop personal scheduled delivery plans, budget programs and prepaid contracts.
  • Agriculture – Farmers can forward contract with us at any time for propane or fuel and schedule delivery as needed.
  • Commercial – Businesses can purchase energy products on a scheduled delivery plan, on budget programs or by forward contracting.

Volume and Cash Discounts are available on ALL Energy Products.
Cenex® lubricants stand the test of time with more than 75 years of proven off-road performance. They keep your engines and hydraulics running smoothly and provide superior protection for overworked load-bearing equipment.


In addition to fuel we also carry petroleum equipment such as tanks, pumps, hoses and filters.

Our truck delivery range starts at 250 gallons, and goes up to large capacity transports. After hours deliveries are available at an additional charge. An ST-3 form must be on file for ordering farm gas or dyed diesel.

In case of emergency:

After Hours Emergency [P] 651-380-4898

In dangerous situations you may also need to call 911

Call before you dig: 811