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Ag Partners Forage Club combines the forage expertise of our entire company to help dairy producers achieve their forage and feed goals.

Agronomists and Dairy Nutritionists from Ag Partners, Kenyon Ag Service, Western Wisconsin Ag Supply and Western Wisconsin Nutrition work together as a team to help our customers grow and feed the highest quality forages to your cows. To become a part of the Forage Club or if you have further questions, contact your Ag Partners nutritionist, agronomist or an LLC partner.


   Forage Club Services:
  • On farm joint planning meetings
  • Alfalfa stand evaluations and recommendations
  • Alfalfa seeding evaluations
  • General in-season scouting
  • Hybrid variety placement and specific management to fit your operation
  • Fertility program recommendations
  • Forage events with industry experts
  • In season nitrate test on manured ground to guide the nitrogen program for the year
  • On farm agronomic trials
  • Guidance and recommendations on cover crops