Ag Partners Ellsworth Farm Store

Ellsworth (Farm Store)

290 North Morse Street
Ellsworth, WI  54011

[P] 715-273-5066
[F] 715-273-4045

Store Hours

Monday-Friday 8 am – 5 pm

Grange Hall (Feed warehouse only)

N3326 County Road CC
Maiden Rock, WI 54750

[P] 715-647-5002
[F] 715-647-3904

We offer a professional team of livestock nutritionists and production specialists to assist you with the daily challenges of raising livestock. Our stores in Ellsworth and Grange Hall (Maiden Rock) provide local service and custom feed products manufactured by Ag Partners Coop. All customized products are manufactured using only the best quality ingredients available.
Or major feed partners are:


Feed Product Lines:

  • Diamond
  • Canidae
  • NutriScience
  • Red Flannel
  • Science Diet
  • Purina Infinia

Animals We Feed:

  • Horses
  • Poultry
  • Specialty Animals
  • Dogs & Cats
  • Cattle
  • Wild Birds

Store Products:

We only market products that we have complete confidence in.

  • We offer our own Ag Partners horse feed made for us by Purina Mills: It is a 12% sweet feed. with 4% fat and added minerals and amino acids.
  • We carry Rangeland Tubs: It is a free choice supplement designed for beef cattle on forage diets.
  • Tack & Supplies
  • Lawn, Garden, Seasonal
  • Propane for tanks and 20 & 30 lb cylinders.

Frequent Buyer Cards:

  • Red Flannel pet foods – Buy 10 get 1 Free
  • Exclusive, and Infinia pet foods – Buy 8 get 1 Free
  • NutriSource Pet Foods – Buy 12 get 1 Free

Red Flannel Logo

Nutri Source Logo




Other Services:

  • We offer to carry out and load any bag for all customers.
  • We can get products to or from any other Ag Partners location.
  • If you don’t see a product or feed that you want, we can special order it in for you (most of the time).
  • We offer a feed pickup discount for all customers if they purchase 500 lbs of feed or more. Does not include bedding, salt, barn lime, oats or corn.

Lincoln Purfeerst, Manager
[E] Email Lincoln
Dan Unser, Associate
[P] 715-273-5066
[P] 715-273-4045
[E] Email Dan

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Dog and Cat
  • We offer a wide variety of dog and cat food. We also sell wormers, shampoos, grooming equipment, collars and leashes, specialty blend foods (salmon/sweet potato, bison/potato, chicken/brown rice).
Horse and Tack
  • We carry a complete line of supplements, fly sprays, , shampoos, conditioners, grooming supplies, wormers, clipper blades and lubricants, different varieties of horse treats, informative literature, and so much more.
  • Ag Partners in Ellsworth carries a wide variety of proteins, vitamins, mineral packs, and information for your high production dairy herd. Other feeds and supplements include starters, growers, milk replacers, electrolytes, propylene glycol, calcium tubes, colostrum supplements, scour supplements, Deccox, livestock markers, neck straps, halters, emasculator bands, bull rings, and more.
Flock and Feather
  • We carry a variety of feeds for your flock needs including starters, growers, and layers. Medicated and non-medicated options are available. We also carry brooder lamps and bulbs, Corrid, vitamins, Electrolytes, feeders, and waterers. We also offer a line of organic feeds, oyster shell, and grit.We do chick ordering in the months of March-June. Call to order.
Wild Life
    • We offer Deer Blocks and bagged mineral, feed plot seed, and game bird feed.
Specialty Pet
    • We all like to think we have a special pet. But for those of you who really have a specialty pet, we proudly offer many nutritional options including Kay Tee and Mazuri brand feeds, toys, and accessories. Whether it is a llama, parrot, guinea pig, iguana, or a tiger in the backyard, we carry it or can order it for you! Mazuri feeds are typically fed in our local zoos. This means that you can feel confident that your special pet is getting the optimum nutrition.
Wild Bird
    • For those backyard birdwatchers, we carry suet cakes and bagged seed. With brand names like Bird’s Favorite and Kaytee, we provide you with a variety of seed mixes. We also offer many items to attract our feathered friends. From feeders and houses, to baths and bat houses, we have it! We carry birdbaths, heated baths and de-icers, baffles, squirrel-proof feeders, roosting pockets, and more. We offer informative literature for attracting birds, as well as a wide variety of decorative hookery to hang your feeders and plants.
Lawn and Garden
    • Whether it’s wild weeds or growing garden, we have herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers, and insecticides for all your lawn and garden needs. Our grass seed is available in bulk or bags, and our wildflower mixes come in a variety of sizes. We also offer a wide variety of gardening tools including pruners, trowels, gloves, spreaders, and so much more