Ag Partners employs highly qualified individuals to help customers make decisions in the field and in the office.
Many of our agronomists have University agronomy degrees and are Certified Crop Advisers through the American Society of Agronomy.

Our goal is to help our patrons grow the best crops possible.

Custom Spraying

Ag Partners owns a fleet of sprayers to get your fields sprayed quickly, efficiently, and on time. We can spray all types of field crops and pastures, even fully tasseled corn on the ground!  Whether you need a pre-emergent chemical sprayed, or fungicide on tasseled corn, we can do it!  In addition to our applicators being state licensed,  we hold yearly in house training sessions to keep up to date with current trends, equipment, and issues.  Aerial application can also be arranged through a 3rd party supplier.

Custom Fertilizer Application Services
  • Dry Spreading
  • Impregnated Dry Spreading
  • Dry Sidedress Application
  • Custom Anhydrous Ammonia Application
  • Pull Type Fertilizer Spreader Rental
  • Variable Rate Fertilizer Application
  • Lime Application Including Variable Rate
Soil Sampling

Ag Partners offers composite and grid soil sampling services.

Through grid samples we can see true variation in field nutrient levels and develop variable rate application maps to make the best use of your fertilizer dollars.  Click here to view an example grid soil sample.  Our samples are reported through Midwest Laboratories in Omaha, Nebraska.

Tissue Sampling

Tissue sampling can offer a different view into your crop’s fertility situation.  Ag Partners offers tissue sampling services on both a single sample basis, or a programmed approach with multiple samples.

Other Sampling
  • Stalk Nitrate Sampling
  • Manure Sampling Kits
  • Seed Germination Testing
  • Water Sampling
Other Services Available


Crop Management Tools
Growing Degree Day Calculator
Nutrient Removal Calculator
Corn Yield Estimator
Cost Per Acre Worksheet
Corn Stand Deviation Calculator
Iowa Custom Rate Survey



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