December 1, 2021


Ag Partners Pine Island Farm Store

Pine Island Farm Store

Our farm store specializes in animal feed, but you might be surprised to find what else is in stock!

Tuffys Dog Food Display

Tuffys Dog Food

Do you feed our fine, feathered friends?
We have bird feeders, suet cakes and holders, and a variety of bird seed including a special blend we mix.

Do you have a cat or dog?
Not only do we have cat and dog food, but we have collars, wormers, toys, and dishes.

Do you need good work boots?
Red Wing Brand work boots are in stock and we can special order others for you.  Don’t forget oil to take care of those boots and new shoe laces!

Are you planning a garden or have yard work to do? 


Products for all your baby chick needs!

We have gloves, shovels, forks, pails, lawn seed (including our own special blend), lawn fertilizer, weed control products, and in the spring, we carry garden seeds, seed potatoes, and onion sets.

Other items on hand:

  • A complete line of equine products
  • Softener Salt and Rust-buster
  • Dickie work jean
  • Baby chicks, waterers, feeders and feed
  • Grit for your slippery driveway

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    Get your garden started- we have you covered! Seed packets, seed potatoes, and onion sets!

  • Hooded sweatshirts and winter coats
  • Fencing supplies
  • Oils for your vehicles

Interested in ordering baby chicks?

Come inside to browse the Hoover’s Hatchery catalogue and place your order today!

Chick days will be early May! Come on in!

Come check us out!

We are also a dealer for Werk Weld livestock equipment.

For available equipment, visit