Ag Partners proudly continues to build and improve facilities to keep up with market demand. Here are some photos we’d like to share from our projects.


An addition is being built on to the Goodhue feed shed. The new space will house additional product supply to help meet growing demand out of Goodhue. The extra capabilities will help to better serve our customers.
A new conveyor system was installed in late summer, replacing an old auger system, for moving grain more efficiently. The fresh concrete and round pads are for a set of new fuel barrels in Stewartville.

ELGIN 2022:
To add to the agronomy center in Elgin’s countryside, this site is anticipated to open late 2022/early 2023 with a new liquid fertilizer plant, a chemical shed, seed storage building, and a new shop and office.
An addition in Morristown gave the office building a large meeting room, a new kitchen and breakroom, and more office space. The project also provided more warehousing and a facelift to the reception area.
A much needed office remodel in Lewiston created a brighter, cleaner work space and corrected some structural issues. Stop in to visit and check it out!
KENYON 2021:
A new 54’x72’ chemical building was built to meet new standards set by the Minnesota Department of Ag and more importantly brings a better customer experience.