February 1, 2023


Tassel Applications of Fungicide Can Protect Your Corn Crop

Most seed companies and universities have identified hybrids which have the best response to fungicide application.  Ag Partners has compiled a listing of local data on which hybrids have shown benefit.
Check to learn if your planted corn hybrids will benefit from a fungicide application at tassel.  For questions about your crop specifics, or if your hybrids are not listed on the sheet, call your Ag Partners agronomist for information and recommendations.
  • You can start applying fungicide before VT but remove adjuvants
  • AYS data has shown a 15.6 bu yield response to a VT fungicide application
  • In high yield corn on bean rotations (250+) you should apply fungicide on hybrids rated with a moderate response
  • Apply fungicide on all corn on corn acres
  • AYS growers who use fungicide as part of an integrated systems approach to high yielding corn are often out yielding the AYS group average by 15 to 30 bu/acre

Click here to view the sheet:  2018 AYS Fungicide Response Sheet