Welcome to the December Safety Rewards Quiz

The quiz will be available until December 13th.  One completed quiz entry will be randomly drawn to receive a $50  gift card.  Only 100% correct quiz results will be eligible for the prize drawing so please try again until you have 100% correct.

This month’s safety topic is backing up safety.  Ag Partners has many vehicles on the road.  Backing up is an important part of operating a vehicle but is also dangerous.  A large percentage of all incidents involve backing up vehicles whether they are a passenger vehicle or a semi-truck or a piece of application equipment.  Avoid backing up when possible and use G.O.A.L. (Get Out And Look) to check your surroundings for hazards when you do need to back up.  Many of the safety videos on this topic are made for construction work sites.  When you think about our business, it’s very similar whether driving into a farm yard or field or production plant, there are many hazards to avoid and tight spaces to maneuver into.

Please watch the video below.  Fill in your information and check the box to access the quiz.