Our insurance carrier requires Ag Partners Coop to inform all of its customers about New Customer Startup Procedures, Out of Gas Policy, and Odor Complaint to comply with our Duty To Warn.

New Customer Startup and Duty to Warn:

  1. Any new customer must have a propane leak check for pressure regulation, leaks, and age of the regulators prior to service startup. Outdated regulators must be changed before service will be provided.
  2. The regulators we install are at the customer’s expense. The customer owns the regulators.
  3. Rental property owners must notify new renters that the propane supply company must be contacted for a leak check before propane delivery and service can be provided.

Out of Gas Policy:

If you are NOT a SCHEDULED DELIVERY CUSTOMER AND RUN OUT OF GAS, you will be charged the following:

  1. Same Day Delivery Charge with less than 48 hours notice and Minimum fill of 200 gallons:
    1. Weekdays: $50
    2. Weekends and Holidays: $75
  2. After Hours and Out of Gas Calls:
    1. 1st occurrence: $ 75
    2. 2nd occurrence: $ 125
    3. 3rd occurrence: Ag Partners will no longer deliver propane to your tank. If you have an Ag Partners leased tank, it will be picked up without notice.
  3. Leak Check and Re-light Pilots: Call charge $50
    1. NOTE: If we see a small LP cylinder hooked up to a propane system at any time, service will be discontinued and any Ag Partners Leased LP tank will be picked up without notice.

Out of Gas Policy

For customer safety, preventing an out of gas situation is very important. We ask that you be very proactive in helping us keep fuel in your tank AT ALL TIMES, not just during the heating season. If you suspect a leak in your propane system, call us immediately at 651-923-4496 or 800-732-1439. Ag Partners will not deliver fuel in an out of gas situation unless an adult is present. After we deliver the fuel, we must re-light all pilot lights and check the system for any gas leaks. There is a $50 service charge for the leak check and re-lighting the pilots on ALL out of gas calls, on WILL CALL, and on COD accounts.

Odor Complaint

Odorant is added to LP gas to aid in leak detection. One common odorant is ethyl mercaptan, CAS No. 75-08-01. This odorant has a foul smell. However, certain chemical reactions with materials in the propane system, or propane gas from underground leaks passing through certain soils, can reduce the odor level. No odorant will be 100% effective in all circumstances. Ag Partners recommends the use of a Propane Gas Detector for your safety. A detector can be purchased at a hardware store or other retail locations such as Menards, Fleet Farm, Home Depot, Farm and Fleet or Lowes.