Receive $10 for every 2 tubs in rebates!

Rebates will automatically be awarded for every 2 tubs purchased October 2, 2017 thru December 2, 2017.

* No sign-up required.

* Must purchase the same tub in quantities of 2 per purchase to qualify.

* Tubs may be purchased from any of our locations (availability may vary).

* Customer must have an account with Ag Partners or WWN to participate.

Qualified products include

  • Purina Wind & Rain All Season tubs
  • Purina Stress tubs
  • Purina Accuration block
  • Rangeland 30-13 tubs
  • Vita Ferm Concept Aid Power tub
  • Rangeland 17% Protein tub
  • Dairyland Dry Cow tub
  • HeiferSmart Protein tub

With questions regarding product information or this program, please contact one of our Beef Specialists

Carl Sackreiter    (507) 421-4942   carls@agpartners.net

LeeAnn Waugh   (507) 298-0820   leeannw@agpartners.net