By Terry Kuhn

At my age, I tend to think and ponder a lot.  I’ve been in this business for many years and just the other day, I was trying to come up with the main reason for the success Ag Partners and its LLCs have had over the years.  The one thing that kept coming to mind was our ability to work as a team.

Working together as a team has many benefits over working individually.  An experience I’ve had with teamwork outside of work took place at a church leadership meeting some years back.  In this meeting, we were given a test that had us list 25 items in order of importance to keep if we were survivors in a plane crash in a remote area of wilderness.  Some of the items that we could choose from included a mirror, salt tablets, a gun, a compass, matches, a knife, along with several other items.  We were first instructed to create our lists individually and then instructed to do so in teams of 3.  In every case, the team scores were higher than the individual ones.

This experience is one I will never forget, and I realize today that the team effort which the Ag Partners dairy nutrition and production staff has is a key factor to our success as a company.  We are constantly sharing ideas and working together to bring the best possible solutions to our customers.  The Ag Partners team efforts extend to our suppliers by bringing their knowledge and experience to our team. 

A newer one of the Ag Partners team concepts, known as Forage Club, brings the agronomy and nutrition teams together to help the producers grow and feed the highest quality forage to their cows.  I am unaware of any other company that has a team like ours.  As a team, we feel more valuable to our customers and we will continue to work as a team to allow our future growth to endure.