corn conditions 6.28.15

NASS reported deteriorating crop conditions again this week.  The national corn condition scores fell to 68% good-excellent vs. 71% last week and 75% last year.  The losses were noted in the eastern/central corn belt states with Ohio and Indiana taking the biggest hits due to excess precipitation and flooding.

soybean conditions 6.28.15

Like corn, soybean conditions also suffered due to too much moisture.  Soybean condition scores slipped to 63% good-excellent vs. 65% last week and 72% last year.  Those losses were also concentrated in the central/eastern belt.

soybean planting 6.28.15

Nationally, soybean planting increased to 94% complete vs. 95% last year and 97% on average.  The focus has been on Missouri which has been struggling with planting delays due to moisture.  Planting there is 62% complete.

crop summary 6.28.15

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