With fungicide season quickly approaching, now is the time to get out in your fields and scout for leaf diseases.  Here is a handy guide to the most common Corn and Soybean leaf diseases in our area.  Some hybrids are more susceptible to certain diseases than others and infection is more common on Corn on Corn fields with high residue.  With the frequent rainfall that we have seen this year, diseases may be more prevalent this year than in the past.  Research has shown that the best time to spray fungicide is usually at the VT-R1 stage in Corn and at the R3 stage in Soybeans.  While you are out there, don’t forget to dig a few plants, split the stalks and examine the health of the crown and roots!  As always, consult your Ag Partners agronomist if you have any questions or would like to have fungicide sprayed on your crop.

Corn and Soybean Disease ID 2015-page-001


Corn and Soybean Disease ID 2015-page-002



Here is a link to the U of M extension website on corn and soybean diseases.