RWG Road Map

Starting Monday May 9th ,The intersection of Plum St and HWY 61 will be closed for a few weeks.

(Roads will be posted with signs downtown while detour is on)

Please read below for downtown directions during this closure.

Entering Red Wing Grain-
From Hwy 61 north, enter on Broad St (YMCA)

From Hwy 61 south, enter on Broad St (YMCA) or Bush St (St. James)

From WI (Hwy 63), turn right at Potter St, before the stop light at Plum St.  Then take left on to Hwy 61.

From Hwy 58 south:

Option #1- County 6 to County 1 to Hwy 61 Broad St (YMCA)

Option #2- Take a right on to 4th St from Hwy 58/Plum St (Wells Fargo), then left onto Potter St, cross Hwy 63, then left on to Hwy 61.

Option #3- Take a left on to 4th St from Hwy 58/Plum St and right on Bush St, and drive straight down by the St James.

Exiting Red Wing Grain– All exits will be at Broad St (YMCA).   There will be no exiting through Bay Point Park for a few months.    Upon the closure of Plum St/Hwy 61 intersection, exits will be from Broad St (YMCA) or Bush St (St James).
Exiting to Hwy 61 North and South–       Use Broad St (YMCA)
Exiting to WI (63)-   Use Broad St (YMCA) and take Hwy 61 south to Potter St (right) to Hwy 63 (left)

Exiting to Hwy 58:

Option #1- Use Broad St (YMCA) to Hwy 61 north to County 1 to County 6

Option #2- Use Broad St (YMCA) to Hwy 61 south to Potter St (right), then right on 4th St, and left on Hwy 58/Plum St

Option #3- Bush St (St James), cross Hwy 61 and take a left on 4th St and right on Hwy 58/Plum St