The winners of the 15th Annual Big Bushel Club Yield Contest were recently announced!

First Place:  Grobe Farms, DeKalb 62-08, 289.16 bpa

Second Place:  Brent & Jake Stelling, DeKalb 54-38, 284.56 bpa

Third Place:  LeRoy Schliep, DeKalb 54-38, 283.26 bpa

Fourth Place:  Clair Boyum, DeKalb 54-38, 281.38 bpa

Fifth Place:  Erickson Farms, DeKalb 52-84, 279.43 bpa

Regional Honorable Mentions:

Cannon Falls:  Jeff & Jack Meyer, DeKalb 49-72, 266.70 bpa

Goodhue:  Burfeind Dairy, DeKalb 54-38, 279.08 bpa

Lake City:  Jeff Hofschulte, DeKalb 54-38, 261.43 bpa

Pine Island:  Mike Thompson, Croplan 3899, 277.44 bpa

Ag Partners would like to express a special thank you to all of the growers who participated in the Big Bushel Yield Contest and made it successful once again.  Your support continues to make our job meaningful and personal.  We look forward to the future with new traits and technologies to face the challenges of next year’s growing season.

We would also like to thank our seed representatives for their outstanding work in getting us the seed we want and working towards the common goal of putting the best seed out there on the market.

Monsanto – DeKalb:  Kevin Altendorf

Winfield United – Croplan:  KC Graner

Syngenta – NK:  Nicole McConnell