by Chad Swanepoel  Chad.Swanepoel@agpartners.net

The adverse weather conditions this spring have generated a lot of questions about whether our corn stands are adequate or not.  The later it gets, the lower the population can be before a replant is recommended.

The important thing is to choose random spots in a field when evaluating a stand.  I toss a hand trowel out in the field so I don’t subconsciously pick a better or worse spot.  Do this randomly across 5 to 10 spots in the field.  Measure out 1/1000th of an acre and count the plants and average what you find for stands.

Click on the link below to download some charts I use to help determine whether or not to keep a field of corn:

Corn Replant Charts

If you would like help deciding what to do, give your agronomist a call and they would like to help with these decisions.