Wolftrax Zinc

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Zinc is a vital nutrient for the growth of a healthy, productive corn plant. Properly balanced zinc levels help us “unlock” the next tier of yields out in our fields. We know that  multiple, small applications of zinc are key to keeping the corn plant fed.

There are limited options to introduce zinc into a corn crop and have it available throughout the growing season at a consistent level. Common options are utilizing Zinc 9% with our starter application, liquid zinc that is included in your post herbicide program, or by adding five pounds of zinc sulfate in our spring dry application pass.

When you think of your broad acre dry application, the small amount of zinc we are including with hundreds of pounds of our macronutrients, it doesn’t seem like much at all.   A pepperoni pizza is a good example.  The entire pizza is covered with cheese (your macronutrients) and the pepperoni’s are your zinc granules.  You would much rather have them evenly spaced out across the pizza pie versus being bunched up randomly on one side of the pizza (field).


We are excited to be able to provide you an option, to allow your zinc application to be equally spaced throughout your field. Wolftrax Zinc is a fine powder that coats every granule of your high-volume fertilizers- such as Urea, Potash, and MAP. By coating our high volume products, we get a much more consistent and predictable spread pattern, thus ensuring zinc hits the ground everywhere where the rest of your dry fertilizer does. You not only get a better spread, but Wolftrax is formulated to have a good ratio of soluble and non-soluble forms, guaranteeing a larger window of availability.

Many of our Ag Partners locations are now set up to apply Wolftrax Zinc.  Speak now to your Ag Partners Agronomist for more information.

2020 AYS Wolftrax Zinc Data