Elevate Your Soybean ROI

Quality Seed Treatments

WardenCX + Saltro

With planting hopefully only a month away, it is good to remind ourselves on the “WHY” we want to use a high quality seed treatment like WARDEN CX on our soybeans.  Simply put, Warden CX gives us more harvestable plants as shown in the following graph.

But why does Warden CX give us more plants?  The first thing we need to understand is the disease spectrum that affects our soybeans.  This table does a great job of showing our four main diseases. A disease that is not by any means a new disease, but certainly one that we saw a lot of last year is Sudden Death Syndrome which is caused by Fusarium virguliforme.


The earlier we plant the better the chance for higher yields, but also a better chance of diseases like Fusarium & Pythium to take away any yield advantage by “getting the beans in early”.
Warden CX gives us up to 40 days of protection (the longest in the industry) to help give us both Pythium (cold/wet) control and Phytophthora (warm/wet) protection.  So, what can we do to “help” control the growing problem of SDS across our geography?
Listed below are a few things we can do:

  • Pick the right variety.  Seed placement is one of the most important factors in striving for high yield. If you battle SDS, pick the variety with the highest SDS score against the disease.
  • Avoid extended rotations of soybeans followed by soybeans.
  • Use Saltro in addition to Warden CX.  Saltro utilizes the industry leading active ingredient Adepidyn to fight off SDS protection, is easy on the plant, and provides soybean cyst nematode protection.

Early planting equals higher yield potential, but also opens the door to the risk of increased yield robbing disease pressure.  Warden CX + Saltro is a very cost effective way to win on both sides of the equation.